Artist Services


With long standing relationships in the photography industry and a full team of exceptionally talented photographers and stylists, Traci, our founder is now offering marketing services to photographers and stylist’s not on the Poppy roster.


Marketing Services for Artists

Traci’s passion is putting the right photographer, stylist or producer with the perfect client. She has over twenty years in the industry as producer, art director and agent and loves to work with visual story tellers of all kinds in helping them find their brand and pair them with amazing clients.

Pricing and Negotiating Jobs— the worst part of anyone’s day is explaining to a client why your rate should be what you quoted or are you sick of having to educate a client on why you need a producer, or insurance, or maybe you just want this estimate to feel more professional, double check that you have included all the right things, etc. Let us help to alleviate the pressure. We can help you no matter how small or large and just want to guide you to doing the right thing. We can help you create pricing structures that are competitive without selling yourself too short. Make sure you are including protections for last minute cancellations, etc.

Price - $150/hour

Photo Editing— Having trouble going through all of your images and figuring out how to categorize them and organize them in the right way for your website or printed portfolio? Traci can guide you in the process of narrowing down immense libraries of images and choosing the right images for your target audience whether that be on your website, or for a printed book. This can be done online and in person, we will create a game plan specific to your needs but expect about 8 hours of time total.

Price - $450

Marketing Plans— Let us help you to devise cutting edge marketing plans and strategies including finding a target audience, branding, researching to get the right names and brainstorming on the best kinds of promos to send out. We can create something specific to your needs but ideally at minimum it will be a six-month plan, a list of 100+ names of your top clients to reach out, along with the strategy for how to reach out (phone, email, print) and we will give you four - six hours each month of our time reaching out on your behalf to get the word out there. This package will also offer you the chance become one of our Artist to Watch. That way we can also offer you social media exposure through our site and one - two dedicated newsletters.

Price - call/email to discuss

Our goal is to take the stress and uncertainty out of promoting yourself and allow you to focus on your passion - shooting or styling and creating captivating imagery. Drop us a line to learn more.



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