Joy Coakley



With a background in design and a BFA in Photography, Joy joined styling teams and eventually lead as a prop and then soft goods stylist for some of the country’s leading interior and table top brands. As the years went on, and as she continually kept her camera warm with all sorts of projects, she realized just how much photographing was still so important to her. Her quiet mental relationship with textiles as a stylist is as important to her as the not-so-quiet excitement of photographing people, balance being her go-to word. You can now find her shooting anything from kids lifestyle, interiors, table top, and product, and portraits. 

Clients include, Allison Muir Interiors, Catchword, Hope and Henry, Jalama Dyes, Mary Jo Fiorella Design, Mooi Spaces and Roxanne Roxanne Designs. Follow her on Instagram here.